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Plastic Free July 2022

Plastic Free July 2022 image
1st of July..
Plastic Free July is here again! We know we don't need to wait for a dedicated month to tell us to go plastic free, however this month ultimately encourages the...
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Our Events

Our Events  image
We love our Pop Up Events, meeting new people and seeing our ever growing customers! We have a new venue this week...David Lloyd Gym in Gosforth! Hope to see you there....
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The Eco Stall to your Door

The Eco Stall to your Door image
The Eco Stall...." to your door "

The Eco Stall offers you simple plastic free , zero waste everyday essential goods for you, your family and your home.

You may have see...
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Sustainable September

Sustainable September image
It's Sustainable September.. a jam packed month bringing you more concious tips and ideas of how to live a life with habits that don't have a detrimental effect on the world a...
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Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July image
It is time, we know we don't need to wait for a dedicated month to tell us to go plastic free, however this month ultimately encourages the world to think about their personal...
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World Wellness Week

World Wellness Week image
'World Wellness Week'
Did you know 'World Wellbeing Week' was a special date for your calendar? It runs from 21st - 30th June. Still in its infancy, 2021 marks its 3rd year o...
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Recycle Right

Recycle Right image
Part 2

Most of us think we know how to recycle correctly, or do we? Many items we throw away you know right away if it's going into the blue bin or not. However, there are ...
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Recycling image
Part 1

" Recycling '

Part 1

Recycling symbols appear on all of our packaging. They can guide you if the packaging can be recycled or not.
Recycling symbols can be v...
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Dates for your Diary

Dates for your Diary image
We have organised some amazing events over the next coming months. Make a note and see which events may interest you.

We can't wait to add to the list and will hopefully s...
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So Grateful

So Grateful image
'So Grateful'

We are reflecting on what a brilliant day today has been, overjoyed with how many people in our village turned out to support our family business and our chos...
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Village Table Top Event

Village Table Top Event image
We have a pop up stall at West Boldon Post Office, selling our fabulous selection of eco friendly, zero waste self care & household products for all. Come along, say hello. We...
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Plastic in our Oceans

Plastic in our Oceans image
Our beautiful marine life such as fish, turtles marine mammals and sea birds are heavily endangered by our discarded plastic debris. They can ingest, suffocate and can become ...
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Household Cleaning

Household Cleaning image
When we clean our home we do it with pride, in the knowledge that all of our surfaces are safe from harmful microscopic organisms and our home is a safe space.

However, man...
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Mother Earth

 Mother Earth image
Did you know that Earth Day is on it's way on 22nd April? This is our chance to reinforce our good intentions and to play your part in protecting the environment.

It can be...
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Plastic Pollution

Plastic Pollution image
We all know Plastic is bad for our Planet, so why is it used?

Plastic is durable and cheap and we're consuming it at a staggering rate. It is harmful to our wildlife, beach...
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Welcome to KINDNESS WEEK image
In these current times, I think we can all agree the need for Kindness, compassion, love and support has never been so relevant as it is now!

We are thrilled to collaborate...
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